We openly say YES to an ambitious industrial policy.

In Belgium, like elsewhere in Europe, we have experienced some difficult years since the beginning of the financial and economic crisis, which has left its mark on our generation. Indeed, we continue to count the factory closures, leaving dominoes of bankruptcies and a social desert in their wake. ArcelorMittal, Caterpillar, Saint Gobain, Ford…. As socialists, we can only be taken aback by such dramatic announcements made by capitalist bosses, who decide these shutdowns with the sole aim of maximising their profits. But we can’t stay still: we have to develop solutions for the future. Indeed, the workers need their jobs, and Belgium needs these large employers. Unfortunately, we find that globalisation forces workers to compete : this principle is absurd inside the European Union.

 It’s high time that we use the power that the EU can have for its workers if it also acts at the social level.  No longer putting the workers in competition means increasing social and environmental standards everywhere in Europe. No longer putting the workers in competition means promoting demand for manufactured goods from Europe with common social and environmental standards. No longer putting the workers in competition means creating non-outsourceable jobs by promoting short production chains. No longer putting the workers in competition means implementing a certain European protectionism which will allow the valorisation of local goods and support production sectors with high social and environmental standards.

 This protectionism would be nothing without a willing policy at the EU level aimed at a reindustrialisation of Europe. Indeed, we have to create our jobs and our consumer goods in Europe. But this challenge must be undertaken together with the major challenge of the 21st Century : the future of our planet.

If Europe has been a frontrunner in the stabilisation and pacification of its own continent, this new challenge holds huge stakes too. Europe must reindustralise itself to create jobs and short production chains, but this must be done in a way that starts the ecological revolution that industry needs. We openly say YES to an ambitious industrial policy, YES to support research and innovation for a high-tech industry in line with our environmental goals, YES to the defense of employment and YES to production along these lines.

 A Europe that acts is certainly a Europe of employment and the environment, which is why young people are mobilising. We must do this work at the European level in order to have a grip on the global environment and to support employment in our regions. As young people, we expect our MEPs to have the ambition and the means to implement this policy, thanks to the European democracy in which we believe. It will be done thanks to the European left, that must be supported and strengthened.

– by David Cordonnier

Member of YES control commission.
Former-president MJS Belgium.

Jonathan Dawance,

President, MJS Belgium.

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