We want more young MEP’s!

Young European Socialists want more young MEP’s to be elected to the European Parliament in May 2014. The Parliament should be an image of the society and represent the diversity of our communities. To do this, we need MEP’s from variety of social groups, backgrounds and experiences.

In the middle of the crisis effecting entire generations of young people, it is specifically important to have representatives of the youth inside the Parliament. Our generation’s voice must be heard in the decision making processes, and not only in consultations, or from the streets, but inside the democratic processes, as elected representatives.

The parties of all political colours are the key to ensuring representation, as they set the electoral lists and nominate the candidates to the elections. Therefore we want all of the parties to ensure the representation of young people on the lists, and at electable positions on the lists.

Young European Socialists have launched a campaign to remind our parties of the commitment they have made to have 30 young MEP’s after next elections. We call all of our members and activists to join in the campaign by sharing the pictures, ideas and demands of our campaign page. Ask your party, MP, minister or civil society activist to join in, and let’s make sure there will be a true representation of young people in the European Parliament next year!

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