World Cup: Human rights rather than FIFA-Dictatorship!

Press release of the Young Socialists Switzerland on June 10 2014

The Young Socialists Switzerland have conducted a sit-in in front of FIFA- headquarters in Zurich today to protest against the extreme disregard of human rights concerning the football World Cup 2014 in its shameless strive for maximum profit. In an open letter the approximately 40 activists demanded compensation for the people of Brazil and Qatar as well as the resignation of FIFA boss Sepp Blatter.

In two days, the football World Cup in Brazil will begin with a big opening ceremony. What is meant to be a celebration of joy and tolerance has become nothing short of a nightmare for the people in Brazil: corruption, terrible working conditions, relocation and poverty.For their billions in profit FIFA and its boss Sepp Blatter are throwing overboard all basic human rights.

For the future World Cup 2022 in Qatar humans are not only already being kept in slave-like conditions and worked to death, even the allocation of the games was only a corrupt farce, as has been uncovered last week. The President of the Young Socialist Party, Fabian Molina, has therefore presented FIFA with an open letter today (see enclosure), demanding Sepp Blatter’s resignation. “A multinational enterprise such as FIFA, which has been systematically disregarding human rights in the guise of fair-play and tolerance, has to be stopped. A socially responsible FIFA with Sepp Blatter is impossible to imagine – so he has to resign,” Fabian Molina concludes.

Find the picture from the action here:

See also the letter addressed to Mr. Blatter Open letter to Mr.Blatter

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