YES 14th Congress – Declaration

YES 14th Congress assembled in Helsinki, Finland 28.-31.3.2019 to elect the new leadership of the international association and to discuss the future priorities for the upcoming mandate.

More than 220 delegates and guests from 30 different nationalities joined the Congress.
The main discussions were about the future of Europe. We agreed on our common program and Manifesto for the European Elections, the only Europe wide political youth organization to do so.


First and foremost, we affirmed our commitment to a sustainable Europe. While other political forces still put market over the planet, we emphasize the need for system change. The biggest responsibility should be put on those who pollute most, while still recognizing everybody has to be part of the change.

To do this we demand a social and socialist Europe where the economy ours and not in the hands of vested interests. The European Union has focused too much on defending big corporations – we need it to protect ordinary European citizens. That’s why we need a strong European pillar of social rights. To fund the welfare system Europeans deserve, we need to crack down on tax evasion and stop companies exploiting tax competition between member states by creating a European minimum corporate tax rate. Everyone needs to contribute to our social Europe.


At the 14th YES Congress the following was elected:

President: Joao Duarte Albuquerque

Secretary General: Maj Jensen Christensen


Vice-President: Friso Ages

Vice-President: Nikolay Berievski

Vice-President: Sara Costa

Vice-President: Samuel Guron

Vice-President: Enric Lopez Jurado

Vice-President: Michelle Rauschkolb

Vice-President: Catalina Stefanescu

Vice-President: Elisha Winckel

Vice-President: Mattia Zunino

Vice-President: To be elected at the first Bureau Meeting of the 14 th Mandate


President of the Control Commission: Carmelo Sutera


Member of Control Commission: Eduard Kopácek

Member of Control Commission: Siiri Muhonen

Member of Control Commission: Joosep Vimm

Member of Control Commission: Oona Wyns


We were joined by PES common candidate Frans Timmermans and in a show of strength, we marched through Helsinki. The progressive youth of Europe stands behind his program to create a Europe for the many and not for the few. We stand united for the coming election season ready to win and the future we deserve!


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