YES Action Day in Prague.

Thanks to the hospitality of MSD Czech Republic the third YES Action Day took place in Prague.More than 40 young international activists gathered on Friday afternoon to join the final event of Relaunching Europe tour and to discuss together with the Czech citizens and politicians alternative vision for our Europe.

PES common candidate Martin Schulz was invited to answer the interventions of 5 young people who participated in past events and who presented their own proposals for better Europe. Schulz told to the crowd that he strongly believe in the Youth Guarantee and that his presidency will bring the concrete measures for its implementation combining both national and increased European budget.


Schulz joined Hannes Swoboda, president of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, in signing 10 pledges for alternative Europe and left the building when surprised and warmly welcomed by the group of young activist and young candidates for the European Parliament, Schulz encouraged the candidates in their campaign and repeated that the youth and its interest will be among his priorities in the office on the Commission President.

On Saturday the group started the day with the panel discussion on the campaign methods, mobilisation of youth and progressive solutions for the youth unemployment. The invited speakers stressed the importance of the youth participation in next period of the Parliament through both elected young candidates and ambassadors for the ‘’youth topics’’.

The highlight of the day was an street action to protest against tax havens in and outside of Europe, joined by Czech MEP, Zuzana Brzobohata. The group manifested in front of the national bank and then marched across the city towards the headquarter of MSD where the action ended by speeches and thanks to all the participants. YES secretary general, Thomas Maes further invited the group to the next Action Day that will take place in Berlin at the end of April.  


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