YES calls you to #knockthevote

PES Congress elected Martin Schulz today as the top candidate for the European socialist movement in the upcoming elections. Young European Socialists support Schulz and are especially happy that he has taken the youth, and youth employment, to the heart of his campaign.

The President of YES, Kaisa Penny spoke in the PES Congress about the need for new direction in European politics: “We need a radical change of direction, because without it, without acknowledging that we really are in this together, no country in Europe can succeed. We must balance the economic and social dimension of Europe so that the Union benefits the citizens once more. Martin is rightly talking of the youth, and most importantly, he is talking with the youth.”

YES has been working with Schulz on Youth Guarantee for years, and believe that with Schulz as the President of Commision, we could finally find the desperately needed resources to ensure the implementation of the Youth Guarantee. Together with investments in education, public services and employment, the European socialist movement can offer a new phase for Europe.

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