14th YES Congress, 28-31/03/2019 Helsinki, Finland 

14th Mandate YES Statutes

14th Mandate YES Position Paper

Resolutions & Declarations adopted at the 14th Congress

Future of Europe Policy Paper

YES EU Elections Manifesto

Code of Conduct for Elected Officials

YES Bureau meeting, Vienna 23-25/11/2018


YES EU Elections Manifesto

Future of Europe Declaration

YES Bureau meeting, Sofia 13-15/04/2018

1. Progressive trade policies of the 21st century

2. Right-wing populism and fascist tendencies in Croatia

3. Priorities for the next Erasmus +

4. YES to Encourage the Political Activity of Young Parents

5. The destruction of fortress Europe or what we need is safe and legal migration routes!

6. YES Resolution on the Political Situation in Catalonia

7. Solidarity with Afrin

URGENT. Cyprus

URGENT. Resolution on Western Sahara

URGENT. YES and IUSY in solidarity with the Syrian people

Political Economy Background Paper

YES Bureau meeting, Tallinn 24-26/11/2017

1. Treaty banning nuclear weapons

3. Guaranteeing democracy and the rule of law in the EU

4. Need for a common responsibility for the refugee situation

5. License to heal

6. Resolution on the IUSY World Festival 2017 We see no borders

7. Trust Team and Safe Space

8. Free trade policy. Protect people – not jobs

YES Work Plan 2017-2019YES Work Plan 2017-2019

YES Bureau meeting, Malta 23-25/06/2017

Resolution 1 – Animal rights

Resolution 2 – Solidarity with Nuriye Guelmen and Semih Oezakça

Resolution 3 – Social Democracy of the many, for the many, by the many

Resolution 4 – For the necessary agreement on the left

Resolution 5 – We must not forget the conflict in Ukraine

Resolution 6 – Europe for young people – We are not the lost generation

Urgent resolution on the situation in Serbia

13th YES Congress



ADOPTED_Position Paper

Strategic Paper for the European Elections 2019

Resolutions and Declarations

1_Quota for Speaking Lists

2_Our aim the right to stay the right to move

3_Human trafficking

4_Wellbeing of prostitutes

5_Marriage equality and referendums

6_Education is a right

8_Working time reduction

9_Being the change we want to see in the world

11_Disarment of Israeli and Palestinian Civilians in West Bank and Gaza Strip

12_Globalization of workers rights

13_International trade with weapons and strategic military goods

14_Proposal for a resolution about implementing a social protocol to the EU-Treaty

15_Resolution about the need for a common responsibility for the refugee situation

16_A European Solidarity Pact

17_Socialism in former Soviet republics

18_Resolution on the intimidation of civil society

19_Resolution on Progressive trade policies of the 21st century

20_A new perspective on political majorities and the implementation of progressive policies

21_Ending austerity politics

22_The future of the European left

23_Resolution on Disarmament

24_For a federal Ecology in the European Union

26_Environmental issues

28_Central European University in Budapest


30_Situation in Venezuela

Bureau Meeting Paris, November 2016

Feminist resolution

Fiscal Justice

Fiscal Stability Treaty

Learning Trump’s Victory

Nuclear Weapons

Summer Camp Declaration

The Cyprus Question

Situation of democracy and liberties in Turkey

Bureau Meeting – Luxembourg

Ever more united mobilised and socialist

Feminism, equal rights and democracy in sport

Resolution for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference

YES Summer Camp 2015


12th YES Congress – Winterthur,Switzerland April 2015

YES Statutes

YES_Position Paper

Policy Papers:

Policy Paper on Democracy

Policy Paper on Green Socialism


Against the sexualization of women
Cannabis_Regulate it_Tax it_Legalize it
Create Jobs with the Collective reduction of working time
Education and mobility in Europe Europe in the world
Evaluating the EU Youth Guarante
Fighting far right in Europe
Fighting tax havens
For a left-wing migration policy in Europe
For a sustainable European agricultural policy
For the implementation of the Tobin Tax
Governments have to take action now to prevent creating a lost generation
Investments on European wide green highspeed rail network
Let’s fight together against racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and islamophobia
Let’s fight together against tax evasion and build sustainible and fair taxation system
No borders_Asylum is a human right
No data retention
No socialism without feminism
Our struggle for a social Europe
Resolution on Equal Rights for LGBTQIA individuals
Resolution on global warming
Resolution on the crisis in South Sudan
Right to choice
Rising inequality threatens our future
Standardized discount custom for students
The FSP_More austerity with a different name
The youth employment crisis
War on war_Second Zimmerwald Manifesto

Bureau Meeting – Mellieha, Malta, August 2014

Resolution on European Election result

Bureau Meeting – Thessaloniki, Greece , March 2014

TTIP An Alternative is possible
Istanbul Convention

YES statement on Spanish Abortion law

EU- Elections

A better Europe,Still recruiting – YES statement on result of #EP2014

YES- Election Manifesto

Bureau Meeting – Vilnius, Lithuania,  October 2013

Adopted resolutions:

Appeal for European Tax Pact
Yes calling for an efficient implementation of the Youth Guarantee
Liberalisation and privatisation of public services in Europe
Summer Camp revision
The Russian Ban on Homosexual propaganda
Growing Middle East Problem with Syrian Crisis

YES Policy
Position Paper

YES Summer Camp 2013
YES Summer Camp Declaration
YES Summer Camp Statement on the Current Situation in Turkey

YES Bureau Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. 24th – 26th May, 2013
Code of Conduct for YES Activities 
Adopted Resolutions and Declarations

11th ECOSY/YES Congress, Bommersvik, Sweden, 7th – 10th March 2013

Adopted resolutions
Policy paper on socialist economics
YES position paper
Resolution on election campaign 2014

ECOSY Bureau Meeting in Paphos, Cyprus. 2nd -4th November, 2012
Our social economic agenda for Europe

No Illusions, Socialists Convictions
The situation of transgender persons on ECOSY Summer Camps
A fair and sustainable expenses policy
Revision of the ECOSY Statutes at the 11th ECOSY Congress
The Cyprus Question

ECOSY Summer Camp 2012
ECOSY Summer Camp Declaration

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