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Over the past years, and especially in the last months, the socialist and social democratic family have dwelled in an intense debate about the main political challenges it faces. The neoliberal policies and politics in several countries have backlashed. We can see that different varieties of grand coalitions cost us credibility as social democrats in some countries. Therefore, we see the achievement of a left-wing majority as our preferred goal instead of coalitions of compromise. The European Union and up to same extent the rest of Europe has closeted itself into a West/East divide, product of different levels of development and the up growing authoritarian models that some countries have been following, under the divisive influence of foreign powers.


YES remains firm and strong in standing for all of those who are exploited by the current economic system and that were directly targeted by neoliberal policies, especially the young and the elderly, women, minorities from the working class. It is to promote the inclusion of everyone, to fight all forms of discrimination and to uphold the indisputable value of human dignity. It is to stand by a society that is based in promoting equal opportunities and social protection, the sustainability of the environment and the fair redistribution of wealth.


At a time that the European Union committed itself to the adoption of a new Social Pillar, and when Brexit is a given fact, YES urges the European Union and its leaders to consider the following principles as the priorities for the future of this Union and of Europe ahead of 2019:

  • Environmental sustainability and tackling climate change. First and foremost, economic growth must be subordinated to environmental sustainability, efficiently tackling climate change, by committing to the COP 21 and be even more ambitious in the defence of the environment.  The EU should ensure that by the year 2050 all energy production is renewable energy.


  • Upholding the protection and defence of Human Rights. The migration and asylum policy of Europe has to be based on the preservation at all costs of human dignity, a) by creating safe routes to asylum seekers in order to prevent the systemic deaths at our borders; b) putting an end to human trafficking; c) promoting inclusion policies for all the people who is granted asylum in Europe, ensuring that they are not the easy targets of organised crime networks or of society’s discrimination. For this, it is urgent to reform the Dublin II regulations and to adopt these principles as the main focus of the new regulation. At all time, the EU should ensure adherence to the Geneva convention and Member States of the EU should be made aware of their shared responsibility towards refugees.


  • Promoting equity, equality and non-discrimination. Socialism and social-democracy will never be whole if it leaves parts of the population out of its politics and policies. We want a society that grants equal rights to everybody and promotes active policies of inclusion with no discrimination regarding sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion or ideology. Protecting women’s reproductive rights, ending the gender pay gap, adopting mechanisms of equal participation of women in all aspects of society is absolutely fundamental to assure women are no longer discriminated in society, bearing in mind the different faces of discrimination and adopting an intersectional approach. The end of discrimination has to continue to be at the forefront of all of our fights.


  • Guarantee human dignity through social protection. We must end precariousness and not allow for people to live under the minimum standards of economic welfare. All kinds of jobs must include a salary, which naturally includes all forms of internships, traineeships and fellowships. This salary must ensure decent living conditions for every person. Also, clear working contracts that promote stability at work must be the norm, not the exception. Across the whole European Union, a minimum wage should be put in place, or in alternative, to respect the collective agreements existing in different countries.


  • Facing the challenges of Digital Economy with strong protection of workers’ rights. To tackle the challenges of the Digital Economy, education and training are the key elements. The educational system must adapt to a new reality, with new learning methods and ideas, new curricula – with key interest areas such as programming, robotics, digital arts and media – and to combine all of it with progressive policies of equality, equity, inclusion and civic participation. It is imperative to prepare workers and students to an ever-changing labour market and Trade Unions are vital in this matter. TU are paramount in understanding the dynamics of change and play an active role in protecting young workers, providing a collective strength to a problem that is transversal to society.


  • Redistribution and taxation. The EU cannot continue to allow for Fiscal competitiveness between member states and must work in bridging the gap that allow for big multinational companies to profit even more. We must implement strong and effective mechanisms to fight tax evasion and tax fraud, tackling thereof a big loss of income that European states face. Fair taxation, public free education, public universal healthcare, free access to justice and a fair network of social welfare are the key guarantees of social inclusion and social mobility. This is why we, leaders of Young Socialists and Social Democrats all over Europe, will hold the EU accountable by campaigning against the rampant tax fraud in Europe in 2018.



Leaders and MOs Subscribing


Full Members


Floida Kerpaci | Chairperson | YMI Albania

Arshak Mesrobian | President | AYF Armenia

Julia Herr | President | SJÖ Austria

Katharina Embacher | President | VSStÖ Austria

Aaron Ooms | President | JS Belgium

Damir Filipovic | President | SDY Bosnia & Herzegovina

Pol Gibert | Secretary General | JSC Catalonia

Biljana Gaća | President CSDY Croatia

Christos Valiandes | President | EDEK Youth Cyprus

Radek Hlaváček | President | MSD Czech Republic

Lasse Quvang Rasmussen | President | DSU Denmark

Monika Maljukov & Sirli Pippar | President & Secretary General | SDY Estonia

Mikkel Näkkäläjärvi | President | SDY Finland

Jesse Jääskeläinen | President SONK Finland

Benjamin Lucas & Roxane Lundy | President & Projects and External Relations Officer | MJS France

Johanna Uekermann | President | Jusos in der SPD Germany

Jana Herrmann & Alma Kleen | National Chairpersons | SJD – Die Falken Germany

Pavlos Christidis | Secretary General | PASOK Youth Greece

Roland Gúr | International Secretary | Societas Hungary

Kevin Donoghue & Chloe Manahan | Former and Current Chairpersons | Labour Youth Ireland

Roberto Sajeva | Secretary General | FGS Italy

Mattia Zunino | Secretary General | GD Italy
Agnė Goldbergaitė | President | LSDYU Lithuania

Jimmy Skenderovic | President | JSL Luxembourg
Paul John McErlean | Chairperson | SDLP Youth Northern Ireland

Ivan Gonçalves | Secretary General | JS Portugal

Gabriel Petrea | President | TSD Romania

Velibor Pavlovic | President | DY Serbia

Aleksandar Zimonjic | International Secretary | League of Social Democratic Youth of Vojvodina Serbia

Martina Jarošová Gašparová | President | MSD Slovakia

Žiga Štajnbaher | President | Mladi Forum Slovenia

Omar Anguita Pérez | Secretary General | JSE Spain

Nasra Ali | President | SSF Sweden

SSU Sweden

Tamara Funiciello | President | Juso Switzerland


Observer Members


Salome Adamia | President | YSG Georgia

Bar Gissin | Co-Chair | Young Meretz Israel

Salam Abdel Samad | Secretary General | PYO Lebanon

Vitaliy Romanchenko | President | SMS Ukraine

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