YES Presidium: Statement on the Situation in Poland

We are deeply concerned by the developments in Poland. Judicial independence and separation of powers are crucial for democracy and rule of law. Thanks to the ongoing protests of the Polish people during the last few weeks in numerous cities and the warnings of the EU commission, president Andrzej Duda used his veto to block at least 2 of the 3 proposed reforms.

After the success of the black protest where the Polish took the streets in order to prevent a law proposing a total abortion ban, these protests represent the second occasion where the Polish people stopped the Pis government from leading their country onto a path towards authoritarianism.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades of Federacja Młodych Socjaldemokratów (FMS) and Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej (SLD) and all the protestors in Poland who are taking a stand against the erosion of democracy. #ObrońmyDemokrację

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