YES Presidium Supports the Statement of PASOK Youth

The aggressive rhetoric President Erdogan and the Turkish Leadership has adopted in the past months against their neighbors, especially against Greece and Cyprus, constitutes an outrageous escalation of offensive behavior that is not in accordance with the principle of good neighborliness.

Furthermore, in the past few months Turkey has increased the frequency of daily violations of the Greek FIR, resorting to unacceptable actions in the Greek and Cypriot EEZ. Recently, a Turkish patrol boat rammed a vessel of the Greek coast guard, some nautical miles away of the Imia. The above demonstrate an escalating pattern of Turkish defiance of fundamental European and International treaties, as well as principles of the Rule of Law.

The imprisoning, on dubious and unfounded charges, of two Greek soldiers for more than 45 days in Turkey constitutes a climax of Turkish aggressiveness. The Greek soldiers accidentally strayed across the borderline while routine patrolling, under poor weather conditions. The established approach for relevant incidents, practiced in the past by both Greece and Turkey, involved the on-site resolution of the issue between the local military authorities.

We, as Young Socialists, always support the peaceful resolution of all issues, following the established diplomatic ways and respect for International Law. We unambiguously condemn the provocativeness of Turkish leadership and we demand the immediate release of two Greek Soldiers.

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