YES Statement on Spanish Abortion Law



Young European Socialists are appalled by the intention of the conservative Spanish government to take the country back to a time when women were not respected as equal members of society, and did not have full rights to decide over their own body and life.

Last 20th December, the Government of Spain approved a draft law that threatens the right of women to choose. The draft of the “Organic Law for the Protection of the Life of the Conceived and the Rights of the Pregnant Woman” is the most serious attack on Spanish women in the last 30 years. The People’s Party aims to satisfy its most regressive and conservative electorate, threatening all women in the process.

In the past decade Spain has been rightfully recognised for its progressive stance on civil rights. Drawing on wide parliamentary, civil society and citizens’ support it has legislated on legalising abortion and offering women education and support in issues relating to sexual and reproductive rights and health. Now, the People’s Party attempts to destroy this progress through legislation which is neither widely consulted, nor supported.

The current Law on Deadlines is based on basic principles such as respect for women and their life, whereas the proposed law would cause clandestine and unsafe abortions putting women’s lives at risk, and places Spain at a disadvantage with respect to the legislation of its European neighbourhood.

The proposed law will not reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies: instead, it will increase the suffering of women who find themselves in this situation. By allowing abortion only in case of rape or risk of death, the People’s Party government wants to convert into a crime for all what is simply a sin for some.

Young European Socialists call upon all European governments to respect the UN Beijing declaration on Women’s Rights, including the right to exercise choice and decide freely and responsibly on their own sexuality as well as their sexual and reproductive health.

We call upon the European Union’s member states and governments, as well as the European institutions, to take a stand in favour of women’s rights and to condemn the proposed law as an act against human rights.

We also ask our colleagues in the Youth of the European People’s Party to take a stand and defend the rights of women. We ask how they can foster a member organisation, the New Generations of the People’s Party, that actively supports limiting women’s rights and taking society back to the Middle Ages?

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Kaisa Penny
President of Young European Socialists

Patricia Rodríguez Calviño
Juventudes Socialistas de España


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