Young Candidate Interview: Monika Hermannová, CSSD

Monika Hermanová

Age: 27

Nationality: Czech

Education: National economy and Regional economy & Law


• Why are you running for a seat in the EP?

I believe that EU deserves to have in the European Parliament members who will try to

find solutions to the problems that EU currently faces and will not go to the meetings just to

criticize what they do not like on European Union.

• Which change is the most important for you?

The system of democracy based on social market economy in the center of which stands a

person and his need for a dignified life is at a global level rather unique and exceptional and

it deserves to defend it. European values ​​is what we must attempt to export and at the same

time we cannot allow the infringement of certain fundamental human and social rights to be a

source of competitiveness on the European market.

• Who or what is your main source of inspiration?

The biggest inspiration is the very history of the EU and what the European Union proved in

its history. Since World War II it has been helping to guarantee peace and security in Europe.

These values we often forget. Their importance for our daily life is priceless. Therefore the

EU itself is a source of inspiration to think about what we can still improve in Europe.

• Personal experience of campaigning – your favorite moments?

Perhaps the best moment is when I am able to refute concerns of voters about the benefits

of European Union and make them a feeling of confidence in the EU and the fact that it is

there to protect and help them.

• Personal experience with Martin Schulz?

Martin Schulz is a leader who is able to identify goals and face them at the same time.

Personally he is a man who has managed colorful life and has rich political experience at

European level. He is very pleasant in person because he emits enthusiasm, energy and


• Why is this election different?

European economy has suffered in recent years considerable turbulences. Unemployment

is high in many countries and peoples in Europe have a variety of doubts and many of them

related to the EU. European Union cannot unfortunately really quickly solve all integration

and economic problems. Therefore these elections are specific for me because of absolute

necessity to explain advantages and benefits of EU.

• What is your best campaigning tip?

I can only say that writing articles and explaining through them and through direct contact

with people. The EU is relatively complicated system of bodies for common person and

people believe what they mean and what they are able to identify with. So explain, explain,


• If you were commission president for one day what would you do?

I would write the best article on EU positives. And because I would be commission president

it would be widely publicized. Would be great to be able to really change something, possibly

introduce a tax on financial transactions, but one day is too little to do so.


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